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Other Services

Media Blast & Sand Blast

Media blasting, also known as sand blasting, is a very effective and economical way of removing paint and rust from a surface. Layers of paint that would take days or weeks to manually remove simply vaporize at the end of our blasting gun. Media blasting is a quick and efficient way to prepare metal surfaces for powder coating or polishing. Our media blast room is integrated with our batch conveyor and is the same 8’ x 8’ x 20’ size as our other batch stations. We use exclusively 80 grit Aluminum Oxide media, guaranteeing the finest possible finish quality.

Burnoff & Stripping

We offer burnoff which is when heat breaks down paint, oil, and plastic on metal parts and turns them to ash that can be rinsed or sand-blasted away. We also offer stripping for non-ferrous materials where sand blasting would be too harsh to the surface. The chemical removes any paint that is on the surface while leaving the parent surface untouched. This is most beneficial for polished surfaces such as faucets as an example. Parts with an existing finish that must be removed are placed in our burn off oven between 700-800F and then lightly media blasted to remove any ash or remaining finish.

Pickup & Delivery

We pick up and deliver parts to customers throughout central Florida using our 26’ box trucks. We also coordinate customer shipments with major freight carriers. Our facility in the Tampa Distribution Center has multiple tractor-trailer docks as well as rail access. Customer service is the top priority here at Centrix Powder Coating. Contact us if you are interested in our pickup and delivery service.


Centrix Powder Coating has close relationships with several local fabricators and can coordinate both fabrication and logistics for our customers with these partners. Your satisfaction is very important to us. We only work with the best fabricators in the area and we don’t put our stamp of approval on just any company, only the best.

Centrix Powder Coating will delight you with our quality, delivery, and service. Let us add value to your business by calling us at 813.390.2802 or submitting a quote request.