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Quality is the core of our entire operation, and our End-to-End quality assurance program includes the following specific procedures:

  1. Automated titration of Clean, Zirconium/Silane, and Seal pretreatment stages to ensure a uniform, in-control process over time.
  2. Soil load monitoring is used to adjust titration targets and determine refresh cycles.
  3. Pretreatment Rinse stages are continuous overflowed at 20%/hour, and dumped and cleaned daily.
  4. Powder application recipes are defined for each customer and powder is a applied via automation to the greatest extent possible.
  5. Oven temperature is controlled within +/- 3 degrees. The temperature profile is validated weekly.
  6. Adhesion and cure is checked for every color run every day. Coating thickness is checked throughout each run.
  7. Parts are 100% inspected for defects prior to packaging.
  8. Color, count, packaging, and order completeness is confirmed by our shipping team prior to releasing each order.

Documentation is maintained for each quality process and control parameters are continuously monitored.

We regularly submit samples to an independent laboratory for more extensive testing and our results are always excellent. We are certified against some of the most demanding commercial finishing specifications in the industry and many of our customers are ISO 9000/9001 or similarly certified.

Centrix Powder Coating offers outstanding quality, consistent execution, excellent service, and bottom line value. If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please call us at: 813.390.2802 or fill out our online form to request a free quote now!